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"But how do you spend the time to Lampedusa?"

This is' the phrase that recurs by many of those who live on "mainland", implying that on an island of 20 square kilometers with about 6000 inhabitants and there is not much to do. And then, on the other hand, are constantly amazed to discover that in this small, there is a vitality, energy and a desire to do that exceeds all expectations. Various activities are organized and sportivive that have been carried out over the years on the island of Lampedusa.

The ASD Sporting Lampedusa is an association that takes care of children and their first entry into the world of sports, especially in football.
ASD sporting lampedusa - notturnaThe ASD Sporting born about eight years ago, in 2006, almost a bet with the primary intent of giving children an opportunity to Lampedusa growth through sports.

The association currently has about 95 young students including 70 children aged between 5 and 12 years and 25 boys aged 14 to 16 years (Juniors) that are part of the first team of Lampedusa, the GSD.

This year they have participated in the provincial championship Juniors Palermo and was a success, finishing second.


Several activities are planned annually by the association of which some are now become an appointment for the island.

Among these are some tournaments that take place off the island of Lampedusa, which allow students to deal with the outside world the Costa Gaia Tournament that takes place every year in the first week of January, Alcamo, Sicilian town, very beautiful, located halfway between Palermo and Trapani. The tournament is an international event because in addition to participating teams and club teams Sicilian important, will also participate in foreign companies such as New York, Újpest.

For us, this association is a very important appointment, because Alcamo was the first true "away" by our young athletes, the "first time" that are compared with their peers outside of Lampedusa in a real tournament.


ASD sporting Lampedusa - grandiYear after year the kids are grown, as well as their coaches and mentors, discussing and meeting great people and difficult situations as ours.
Another annual event is to Montefalco in Umbria, called "balcony of Umbria". Wonderful place.

The tournament has a different flavor than that of Alcamo.

Here everyone knows sausage and Sagrantino and the atmosphere that is created each time of joy and celebration. This is the third consecutive year that we participate.
There are many other tournaments that we participated, we remember the tournament of Sciacca, which lasted two days that we won.


 There has been a tournament of our cousins ​​of Pantelleria, Terrasini on several occasions and those of Alcamo.

Asd sporting lampedusa - piccoliFinally, and without taking anything away from other tournaments, there is our annual event.

The Caretta Caretta Tournament that takes place every June and 2014 is the 7th edition.

This is a very important event for us, because after so many sacrifices made during the year, we expect that, for once, to do it for others. And until now, we must say, we were reciprocated. The Montefalco came for two consecutive years. He participated in the Adelkam, San Cataldo, and many other teams.
In short, a bit 'of animation, for ourselves, but especially for the boys, who otherwise would have really little to do.

We are encouraged by the fact that, finally, a united group and now with a few years of experience, which counts on their own resources and some other patron!
What's more, we hope to improve a lot and still be at the height of relating with these little great men who are children, our future.

To hear from you soon with news of the association, Luigi Pizzorusso.