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Vegetable species

If you're looking to network in any search engine the word Imbriacola , what you find will be related in some way to Lampedusa, it comes to holidays, dammusi, tragedies related to immigration, and so on for many pages.

The term Imbriacole is still tied to  lampedusa, and indeed with Imbriacole is called the long valley that runs through the island of Lampedusa from east to west almost cut in two, leads to flows Salina.

If you change your search and add to Imbriacola the term arbutus here is revealed the mystery.

In Sicilian Imbriacola means exactly arbutus. Yes, the famous plant typical of the Mediterranean was also sung by G. Pascoli, "O verde albero italico, il tuo maggio è nella bruma: s'anche tutto muora, tu il giovanile gonfalon selvaggio spieghi alla bora".

The term also allows us to think, to "drunk" or that you "drunk" and actually reading the characteristics of the arbutus, we find that the fruit is alcoholic.

Yes, you drunk if eaten in quantity, do not eat it in large quantities because the fruit is alcoholic, the Greeks loved him very much because he sent them into a state of drunkenness In fact every year they organized the feast of the arbutus during which they became inebriated and then with a more sociable with others.

Returning to us, arbutus filled in the past the homonymous valley of Lampedusa and certainly had to be a show in the fall when the tree blooms at the same time and there are white flowers, green leaves and red ripe fruits of the previous year.

Too bad, now this beautiful plant specimens are few and only a few years you are trying to reintroduce it.