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Stefano Greco photographer

Stefano Greco



Stefano Greco was born in Lampedusa in 1972 May 20, one of the last to be born in lampedusa. He works as a laborer, he married Catherine Palmeri and has two sons, John, who is 12 years old and Gaia who is 5 years old.

He is fascinated by the environment and wildlife photography and like a good ex-hunter he has specialized in photographs of migratory birds.

As a true hunter knows anticipate and predict the movements of the prey but now he only has a camera, so Stefano immortalized in pixels Cranes, Hawks and landscapes.

Stefano runs the length and breadth of Lampedusa and in recent years has photographed over a hundred species of migratory birds

The camera is her best friend and is always with him at shooting. His photos are ready to be published on a book just waiting to be printed and patrons funds